May 29, 2019

Jo Carley and The Old Dry Skulls: Shake Them Rattlin’ Bones

London based Jo Carley and The Old Dry Skulls offer old time entertainment on their new album Shake Them Rattlin’ Bones, a steaming broth of cabaret, blues, ska, Veudeville, voodoo and skiffle. Horror stories are the main course, with a side orders of sex, trouble, and all-night parties. Singer Jo Carley is smack in the middle of the mix, with a snarl and a twinkle, while Tim Carley uses all his limbs to play his wide array instruments. James Le Huray provides both the bottom end and a joyful banjo to lighten the mood.

This is a band that is in their element playing tiny venues and getting under the skin of a bunch instant new fans. Intense and compelling music inspired by early 20th Century music. Bigots wil call it the root of all evil, but it is a history lesson through new songs that sound as old as the hills.

Jo Carley and The Old Dry Skulls:
Jo Carley: vocals, fiddle, washboard
Tim Carley: guitar, foot tambourine, kick-drum, hi-hat, percussion
James Le Huray: double bass, banjo

Shake Them Rattlin’ Bones is released via Old Higue Records.

  1. Want Things Done
  2. Get Down Low
  3. Dead Man Walking
  4. Raise a Spell
  5. Toil and Trouble
  6. Shake Them Rattlin' Bones
  7. Too Much Blues
  8. Poor Man's Corner
  9. Not a Bone

Live dates:
  • 05/30 The Chambers, Folkestone, United Kingdom
  • 05/31 The Railway Hotel, Southend-on-sea, United Kingdom
  • 06/01 Acoustic Festival of Britain, Uttoxeter, United Kingdom
  • 06/02 Victoria Inn, Colchester, United Kingdom
  • 07/05 Sark Fok Festival, Sark, Guernsey
  • 10/30 The Lamb, Surbiton, United Kingdom
  • 10/31 The Jenny Lind Inn, Hastings, United Kingdom
  • 11/05 The Shakespeare Brewery, Herdecke, Germany
  • 11/06 Erbse, Dillenburg, Germany
  • 11/07 Café Vinyl, Wetzlar, Germany
  • 11/08 Lola, Groningen, Netherlands


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