May 31, 2019

Daniel Ruiz: Mark and Hannah's Narcotic Encounter

Barcelona based singer-songwriter Daniel Ruiz is an outsider looking in on his new single Mark and Hannah's Narcotic Encounter, in which a boy and a girl take a trip without leaving the room. The usual piano and keyboard take a back seat while am electric guitar gently wails way: "Mark awaits lying on his couch, his socks are brown // as Hannah hangs her coat, he gets up, puts some music on // she opens her purse and reaches within for two Buddha-shaped pills // they swallow them both, easing them up with some rum, and they lay on their backs".

He is taking his story telling skills a step further with his first book Se me ha caĆ­do el whiskey en el pienso del gato. A crowdfunding campaign should make it a reality.

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