April 16, 2019

John Clifton: In The Middle of Nowhere

John Clifton plays a mean harp that fits his Fifties inspired electric blues like a glove. His latest album is called In The Middle of Nowhere, a collection of true-and-tried classics that are delivered with swagger and gusto. And while these songs could be overly familiar to blues buffs, the sheer energy and power of these renditions makes them sound fresh. His vocals have hint of soul and R&B, which makes the anger of the lyrics even more compelling.

Backed by Scott Abeyta (guitar), Jake Finney (bass), Edward Fritz (drums) and Bartek Szopinski (piano), the band that accompanies him during his busy live schedule, In The Middle of Nowhere sounds like a bunch of old school one-take wonders, the perfect anti-dote for feeling down and out.

In The Middle of Nowhere is released thru Rip Cat Records.

  1. I’m Leaving You Baby
  2. In the Middle of Nowhere
  3. If it Ain’t Me Baby
  4. Cool Spot in Hell
  5. Poor Boy
  6. Keep it Clean
  7. Junkie Woman Blues
  8. Four Years Ago
  9. Ain’t Spending No More Money
  10. So Tired I Could Cry
  11. Honky Tonk Night Time Man

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