April 12, 2019

Amber Kamminga: Name Of Love

photo: Pieter Pennings

Dutch country singer Amber Kamminga released a superb debut EP in 2017. Her new single Name Of Love is more pop-oriented, with lush backing vocals and crunchy keyboards. Her voice is her weapon of choice, powerful with just a hint of twang to appease the early adapters.

Kamminga is expanding her musical palette, emboldened by her regular trips to Nashville, playing live and hooking up with like-minded musicians to work on new songs as a team. Country remains the core, bug it can 't hurt to wander off to other genres that fit her phrasing. It might get her a bigger audience, something she really deserves.

Live dates:
  • 04/13 Record Store Day @ Pop-Eye Velvet (11.00), Alkmaar
  • 04/13 Record Store Day @ Velvet (16.00), Eindhoven
  • 04/19 De Brouwerij, Alkmaar
  • 04/26 Radioshow 'The Basement', Compleet FM, Langedijk
  • 05/02 De Taverne, Bergen
  • 05/17 Op De Planken, Zaandam
  • 08/10 Music Meet Texel, Texel
  • 08/11 Music Meet Texel, Texel

» amberkamminga.com

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