March 08, 2019

The Slideshows: The Slideshows

Psychedelic electronic indie trio The Slideshows released the promising Sunrise Reprise EP in 2016, but since it was a side project for its members they fell silent shortly after that. But lo and behold, they are back and not just with another EP, but a a full, self-titled album.

The Slideshows play a mix of New Wave, dance and rock that will appeal to fans of LCD Soundsystem. By using vintage analog synths, there is an endearing, makeshift quality to the songs. The rhythms hark back to the early Eighties, with treated vocals floating on top. Vintage technology may be cumbersome and time consuming, but those limitations were put to good use. With happy sad lyrics about getting older, family, nightlife and death, they recorded an album to dance to while lost in thought.

The Slideshows:
Marcel Hulst: vocals, guitars
Floor Stevens: drums
Auke van der Wielen: bass, synths

The Slideshows is a self-released album. Full stream on Spotify.

  1. Thunderbird
  2. Inside Out
  3. Sparks Unite
  4. Hammer the Screw
  5. Club 11
  6. Daughters into Mothers
  7. Undo Whatever
  8. The Passing Of A Friend And What It Did To Our Hands
  9. Bowman
  10. Cold War

Live date:
  • 03/23 Amsterdam, Netherlands @ De Nieuwe Anita
    (album release party w/ Holbeck)

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