March 04, 2019

The Doug MacDonald Quartet: Organisms

At first it may seem that the new album by The Doug MacDonald Quartet is filled with the kind of jazz that people can ignore when they are having a conversation with a cup of expensive coffee with a weird name, but after the first five minutes or so of opening track It’s You or No One the music on Organisms moves away from the relative safety of sign-posted roads and things become more interesting.

Band leader Doug MacDonald is blessed with ample dexterity and arranging skills, but he knows how to hold back and a true band effort. Drummer and co-producer Ben Scholz is the driving force Centerpiece, Bob Sheppard's tenor saxophone plays slick and silky notes On the Alamom while the spotlight is turned to Hammond player Carey Frank during Jazz for All Occasions.

Organisms is an album with smart yet accessible music played by a band who can bridge the gap between occasional listeners and jazz buffs.

The Doug MacDonald Quartet:
Doug MacDonald: guitar
Carey Frank: Hammond B3 organ
Bob Sheppard: tenor saxophone
Ben Scholz: drums

Organisms is a self-released album. Buy it from Amazon.

  1. It’s You or No One
  2. Jazz for All Occasions
  3. L&T
  4. Nina Never Knew/Indian Summer
  5. Sometime Ago
  6. Poor Butterfly
  7. Centerpiece
  8. Too Late Now
  9. Hortense
  10. On the Alamo


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