March 09, 2019

The Blue Yellows: Kitchen Sessions

The Blue Yellows took their lo-fi approach to its logical conclusion when they laid down the songs for their Kitchen Sessions, a mix of home recordings and live tracks. Eccentric, funny, tongue-in-cheek vaudevillian garage rock. with enough musical references to keep the music geeks at bay, like the Take Me Tot The River bit in Spiral Dive. Singer Jonathan Tarplee is an old fashioned balladeer turned indie rock musician, but the band's secret weapon is Emma Alcock with her uncanny knack for syncopation on both accordion and keyboards to give the music an off-kilter quality that make the songs jump up and down in a good way.

It was good move not to try to clean up the material. The sheer joy of playing was paramount, creating on the spot moments of inspiration that could have been lost during Take 34 in a recording studio.

The Blue Yellows:
Jonathan Tarplee: guitar, vocals
Emma Alcock: keyboards, accordion, backing vocals
Simon Taylor: bass
Dave Coomer: drums/p>

Kitchen Sessions is a self-released album. Buy it from the band's website.

  1. Toast The Night
  2. Wild Free Slaves
  3. Spiral Dive
  4. Love Is The Answer
  5. Where the Sky Meets the Sea (live)
  6. Love Limpet (live)
  7. Feels Like Sunshine (live)
  8. Love is the Answer (live)
  9. Toast The Night (Radio Edit)

Live dates:
  • 03/25 Team Neve Fundraising Concert, Market Tavern Sandbach
  • 04/0t Kitchen Sessions !Live! - The Electric Church, Winsford
  • 05/4t Lymelight Festival - Newcastle Under Lyme
  • 05/27 Audlem Music Festival, Audlem


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