March 15, 2019

Jacco Wynia: Discomfort

photo: Karin Scheepens

At first Dutch neo-classical pianist Jacco Wynia started writing his new compositions as a means of solace and support for friends who were suffering from anxiety and depression. And then he realised that he bound to run into a wall himself, hence the title of his new album Discomfort. It's soft and melancholic, but pain and panic are just below the surface. To make matters worse an unexpected suicide of a close friend, left him in tatters, but it also provided him with an unwavering.sense of purpose to use his music both as a mental health treatment as wel as a monument for all those who could not make it back to safety.

Wynia merely caresses the keys, allowing each note to run its course Discomfort is a manifesto without words, an intense listening experience that demands undivided attention.

  1. It's Complicated And That's Fine
  2. Welt Felt
  3. Discomfort
  4. Carried Away
  5. Abandoned City
  6. Obscurite Illume
  7. Newborn Sun
  8. Oasis In Time
  9. Melodia Melancholia
  10. Ebb & Flow
  11. Home Within You
  12. You Can Rest Now

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