February 14, 2019

Tullycraft: The Railway Prince Hotel

photo: John E. Hollingsworth

Seattle indie pop quartet Tullycraft have an uncanny for crafting quirky songs filled with off-kilter hooks, with references to both the obscure as well as the mainstream - Goldie and the Gingerbreads quotes Paradise By The Dashboard Light. Their 7th album The Railway Prince Hotel is filled with upbeat, rambling garage tunes that will get many a listener spin the wrong foot. Is there something wrong with the rhythm? Well, no actually, but it's a kind of free-flowing music, jagged and lo-fi while they take the piss at pretty much anything. Think a mix of XTC, The Velvet Underground, Jonathan Richman and the Decemberists.

The Railway Prince Hotel is an album by a band who realize that they will never make it big, but word-of-moth has kept them afloat since 1995, catering to a slowly growing fan base who can appreciate the poetic beauty of songs like The Cat's Miaow In a Spacesuit: "Dark as night / apart from the dayglow / it didn’t feel just how I thought it might feel so / I stood in line and watched a cosmonaut trip over her moon boots / it started slow / just you and me and a cat nap / I think we almost always fell into the same trap / a dress rehearsal and our cravings for attention would follow".

Sean Tollefson: vocals, bass
Chris Munford: guitar, vocals
Jenny Mears: vocals, tambourine
Corianton Hale: guitar, vocals

The Railway Prince Hotel is a self-released album. Buy it (CD, digital) from their website. Vinyl on Happy Happy Birthday to Me records.

  1. Midi Midinette
  2. Passing Observations
  3. We Couldn't Dance to Billy Joel
  4. Goldie and the Gingerbreads
  5. Has Your Boyfriend Lost His Flavor On The Bedpost Overnight?
  6. Beginners at Best
  7. It's Not Explained, It's Delaware
  8. Lost Our Friends to Heavy Metal
  9. Hearts at the Sound
  10. The Cat's Miaow In a Spacesuit
  11. The Railway Prince Hotel
  12. Vacaville

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