February 13, 2019

The Maureens: Something in the Air

While lots of bands are having trouble to find a half-decent singer, Dutch melodic rock quartet The Maureens can pull off three-part harmonies that bring back the glory days of West Coast pop. On their new album Something in the Air dreaming about a better future is mixed with longing for the innocent days of youth. Song about daydreaming about a trip to Austria (Wake Up), or realizing that you been stuck in a job that you don't particularly enjoy (20 Years for the Company), are executed with delicate finesse. Trying to Reach You has a short and sweet guitar solo that will get a thumbs up from Jefferson Airplane fans.

Something in the Air is a power pop gem, a seamless jigsaw puzzle of lush melodies and intricate musicianship. Recommended if you like-minded Dutch artiste like Yorick van Norden, Tim Knol and Daryll-Ann. And if those names don't ring a bell, Big Star should.

The Maureens:
Hendrik-Jan de Wolff: vocals, guitar
Wouter Zijlstra: vocals, bass
Stefan Broos: vocals, drums
Martijn Vink: guitar

Something in the Air is a self-released album. Buy it from their website.

  1. 4AM
  2. 20 Years for the Company
  3. She's a Dreamer
  4. Can't Stop
  5. Mary
  6. Wake Up
  7. Horse (Song for Joel)
  8. Cool Down
  9. Trying to Reach You
  10. When the Morning Comes
  11. Photograph
  12. Turn the Page
  13. Something in the Air
  14. Valentine

Live dates:
  • 02/15 Utrecht @ Tivolivredenburg
  • 02/17 Apeldoorn @ Gigant, Muziekcaf√©
  • 02/21 Amsterdam @ Sugar Factory
  • 02/22 Eindhoven @ Altstadt
  • 02/23 Venlo @ Instore Sounds
  • 03/06 Deventer @ Burgerweeshuis
  • 03/09 Kampen @ ’t Ukien
  • 03/16 Zwolle @ Instore Plato
  • 03/23 Deventer @ Instore Plato
  • 03/23 Apeldoorn @ Instore Plato
  • 03/24 Haarlem @ Wo’s Livingroom
  • 03/30 Amsterdam @ Instore Concerto
  • 09/20 Zeist @ De Peppel

» themaureens.com

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