February 27, 2019

Sam & Julia: So Far, So Good

Sam van Ommen and Julia Schellekens are kindred spirits, sharing a love for dreamy Americana and country rock. They both grew up in houses in which they parents took their time to finalize their divorce and that became one of the themes on their Sam & Julia debut EP So Far, So Good. Produced by Tim Knol in his MI5 Studio in Hoorn they were giving plenty of time to experiment to find their own sound, a building a laidback backing for their grievances about loss, heartbreak, but also some hope.

No Hollywood ending, but they did find their own unique blend of modern day Americana, with their distinctly different voices playing catch. As a bonus they became their first artists on Knol's brand new outlet for young talent, and he acted as their mentor for the business side of the music industry, a notoriously dangerous place that is nearly impossible to make sense of without someone having your back.

Sam van Ommen: guitar, vocals
Julia Schellekens: keyboards, vocals
Hugo Zuiker: bass
Pacal Voorbraak: guitar, backing vocals
Leid de Leeuw: pedal steel
Eric Lensink: whistle
Niels de Jonge: drums, percussion, backing vocals
Tim Knol: backing vocals

So Far, So Good is the first release on Tim Knol's I Love My Label.

  1. Benjamin
  2. Come Cry
  3. Save This Sorry Fool
  4. Mayhem
  5. Two Track Station
  6. A Widow's Lullaby

Live dates:
  • 03/02 North End, Haarlem, Netherlands
  • 03/09 Plato Deventer, Deventer, Netherlands
  • 03/09 Plato's Muziekcafé - Gigant, Apeldoorn, Netherlands
  • 03/16 Concerto, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • 03/23 Plato Leiden, Leiden, Netherlands
  • 03/30 Uptown Records, Hoorn, Netherlands
  • 03/31 Cafe De Amer, Amen, Netherlands
  • 04/07 LE:EN, Utrecht, Netherlands
  • 04/13 Unknown venue, Utrecht, Netherlands
  • 04/19 Cinetol, Amsterdam, Netherland
  • 05/13 Paard, Den Haag, Netherlands
  • 05/23 Poppodium Nieuwe Nor, Heerlen, Netherlands
  • 05/24 Simplon, Groningen, Netherlands

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