February 19, 2019

Kleenex Girl Wonder: White Lacuna

NYC indie rock band Kleenex Girl Wonder is basically a one-man project. Songwriter and lead singer Graham Smith has been capturing angst and love since 1996, releasing more than a dozen albums. The latest is called White Lacuna on which he once again spills the beans abut being unable to connect (The History of Ice), despair (Hope All is Lost), and evasive women (Emerita). While the lyrics are pretty dark he warps his songs in upbeat left field garage with a hint of vaudeville.

On some tracks it's just him and an acoustic guitar, but this sparse modus operandi is used to make the listening experience an intense one. Stand-out track Judas Beach is mash-up of post-punk and psychedelic shoegaze. Smith goes his own way and it has earned him a small but devoted following. He is one of those artists who can induce an innocent but incurable urge to collect all his stuff.

White Lacuna is released on their own Reesonable Records label (vinyl, digital).

  1. The History of Ice
  2. A Sweet Person
  3. Hope All is Lost
  4. Lake is Fine
  5. White Witch
  6. Emerita
  7. Angelina
  8. Judas Beach
  9. Worry the Well
  10. The Wet Wizard

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