February 26, 2019

Baby Scream: Things U Can Say To A Stranger E​P

It's been a few years since the last release of Argentinian power pop maestro Juan Pablo Mazzola and his Baby Scream project. He returns with the concise Things U Can Say To A Stranger EP, five sad songs about trying to cope with life in general and the uncertainties of being a songwriter in particular.

Now living in Spain he has found his bearings and there is glimmer of hope poking through the darkness. Mazzola's signature nasal delivery and reliable acoustic guitar take center stage. Backed by a band who can channel the sound or the early Seventies Baby Scream is ready to return as an appreciated cult act and cognoscenti favourite.

Baby Scream:
Juan Pablo Mazzola : vocals, rhythm guitar
Ricardo Alarcon: lead guitar, backing vocals
Bruno Ayres: bass, backing vocals
Erico Bagnato: drums

Things U Can Say To A Stranger is available via Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More and his own website.

  1. Aching Life
  2. Fake It Till You Make It
  3. Roundabouts
  4. Live While You Can
  5. Somebody Kill Me Now

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