November 10, 2016

Baby Scream: Life's a Trap

Argentine musician Juan Pablo Mazzola foregoes his usual full-fledged power pop approach on the new album of his Baby Scream project. Life's a Trap is rather subdued - most of the songs deal with getting older and trying to rekindle the passion in a relationship. Mazzola is good-natured about it though and his sense of humour prevails most of the time. With just his voice and a guitar - and some help from long time collaborator Nick Schinder on organ, piano and backing vocals, he pokes fun at his own uncertainties (Wish You Were Beer) and the twists an turns in the career of struggling singer-songwriter (The Road Bends).

The Ballad Of Music Biz feels a bit out of place - what's a song about a clueless industry that is running around in circles doing amidst a bunch of tunes about the perennial misunderstandings between men and woman? Originally released as a single it could have been the launchpad for an angry EP or album about that subject matter.

Life's a Trap is a self-released album. Buy it (cassette, CD, digital) from his website.

  1. Life's Better When U R High
  2. The Ballad Of Music Biz
  3. Climbing Down
  4. We Can't Go Back To 17
  5. Wish You Were Beer
  6. Jokes
  7. The Road Bends
  8. Midnight Snack

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