January 22, 2019

Waterstrider: Weaker One

Singer Nate Salman is back with a new Waterstrider single. Weaker One is about trying to cope in the midst of serious personal crisis. Using the upper registers of his vocal range he gets personal on top of a carefully arranged stack of electronics:

Often, for me, writing a song is like trying to solve a puzzle in my mind. In doing so, I'll unlock some new realization about myself and my experience in this universe. Then, the process of recording is a matter of attempting to translate something hyper-personal and slightly abstract into something tangible. Thankfully, this time around I had the help of co-producers St. Francis Hotel to make that process far less maddening.

Weaker One is the externalization of a very troubled time for me, but at the end of it all there is hope. By the time the final chorus kicks in, the pained lyrics ("I'm the weaker one/talk to me of love/become undone") are no longer just a reflection but a triumph. By acknowledging our flaws and mistakes, we only grow stronger.

Weaker One is released via 30th Century Records.

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