January 08, 2019

The Rev: El Diablo

Eric Meyers took the long way to reach his destination to become a musician. The lead singer and guitarist of Arizona outlaw country rock band The Rev was in real estate (a job he did not like at all) and he was a surfer and drifter looking for kicks. It nearly killed him when he sucked into a cave by a freak current. It became his wake up call and he picked up the guitar again, an instrument that he had abandoned over a decade ago. Long story short: he started writing songs, took guitar lessons from seasoned veteran Frank Monaco and thus the seeds were planted for The Rev, a Southern rock band with country leanings.

Lead single El Diablo transports the listener to the deserts near Scottsdale, AZ. A mid-tempo song brimming with swagger about a bar with ample booze, "fast cars and even faster women", with Ciera Elizabeth stealing the show as an extra vocalist. This is a band that needs to make an album posthaste. On vinyl, in a gatefold sleeve. Recommended if you like Kris Kristofferson and The Black Crowes.

The Rev:
Eric Meyers: vocals, rhythm guitar
Chris Chambers: drums
Mitchell Leonard: piano
Frank Monaco: lead guitar

El Diablo is a self-released single. Buy it (pay-what-you-want) from their website.

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