January 25, 2019

Skinny Girl Diet: Ideal Woman

London grunge punk band Skinny Girl Diet are now a duo, but that hasn't slowed down Delilah Holiday (guitar, vocals) and Ursula Holiday (drums, vocals). Their second full-length is filled with plenty of righteous anger, energy and hooks. The title track is prime example of the good-old quiet-loud-quiet approach that was all the rage in the early Nineties. The Holidays take shit from nobody, have a sharp eye for veiled sexism, champion outsiders, strike out at the celebrity fans (Starfucker) and zoom in on Clickbait.

Ideal Woman is a pamphlet, a wake up call by means of heartfelt music. They are dead serious, but they have wrapped their message in rollicking tunes. Crank it loud and repeatedly.

Ideal Woman is released on vinyl via Happy Happy Birthday To Me records (deluxe version comes with 12 x 12 screenprint and button), and on CD via Fiasco Recordings.

  1. La Sirena
  2. Witch of the Waste
  3. Shed Your Skin
  4. Ideal Woman
  5. Human Zoo
  6. Starfucker
  7. Western Civilization
  8. Outsider
  9. Timing
  10. Golden
  11. Warrior Queens
  12. White Man
  13. Click Bait

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