January 31, 2019

Isaac Hughes-Dennis: Welcome to the Revolution

Isaac Hughes-Dennis is a political comic folkie from Hebden Bridge, a village in Yorkshire that is a fertile breeding ground for DIY musicians who shun the mainstream. His new album Welcome to the Revolution will annoy supporters of the Conservative Party (Oppression) and hipsters (Fake Glasse), and of course shock strict Christians. The latter will be up in arms when they hear Teenage Jesus - a frankly hilarious tune set to the melody of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah: "Behind the bike shed he'd had a quick smoke and then he turned water into water and coke". Open minded folks with a skewed sense of humour will embrace it as a great parody by a 21st Century troubadour.

He played all the instruments - ukulele, an electric kazoo and a bunch of synthesised instruments on a cheap Casio keyboard. Hughes-Dennis strays off pitch quite a few times, which in his case is quite quite endearing, but with his words he can sting and accuse like a roving field reporter in the midst of political turmoil. Now that Albion is divided in two by Brexit, while uncaring millennials are more interested in their (de)caffeinated beverages than the current affairs that will affect them deeply, satirical protest songs are needed more than ever. And Isaac Hughes-Dennis brings them with a laugh, so what's not to like.

Welcome to the Revolution is a self-released album. Buy it from his website.

  1. Adolescent Syndrome Disorder
  2. Pixelated Lovers
  3. An Ode to Jeremy
  4. Oppression
  5. Teenage Jesus
  6. Fake Glasses
  7. Unconscious
  8. Reheb
  9. Lamdton Worm

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