December 01, 2018

Wardrobe: Come Back and Stay

Flemish musician Johan Verckist has recorded a slowed down version of Come Back and Stay, turning it into intense plea for reconciliation. with his Wardrobe project. Violin and background vocals by Patricia Vanneste. The video was filmed by Michel Hakim Moldenhauer. The song will be included on the forthcoming album Giving Up A Ghost (March 15, 2019).

Live dates:
  • 12/09 Muziek bij de buren, Bergen Op Zoom, Netherlands
  • 12/14 Lo Petillante, Ranst, Belgium
  • 03/14 De Studio, Antwerpen, Belgium (album release)
  • 03/16 k Zie U graag @ Mezz, Breda, Netherlands
  • 03/21 Café Café, Hasselt, Belgium


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