December 16, 2018

Thee Koukouvaya: Το παρελθόν περιέχει το μέλλον

It took John O'Hara and Brian Wenckebach some time to record Το παρελθόν περιέχει το μέλλον ("The past contains the future"), the third album of their Thee Koukouvaya project. As restless sonic explorers they are inspired by unlikelu oddities like the Fifty Two Hertz Whale (a creature that might qualify as the loneliest whale and extinct ferns (Glossopteris). They create highbrow avant-garde electronic textures that are almost, but nog quite danceable. They have love to catch the listener on the wrong foot.

Το παρελθόν περιέχει το μέλλον lacks the monolithic approach that was used on their Ancient Race of Techno-Voyagers and This is The Mythology of Modern Death albums, but despite its the lighter tone it is still close-knit and puzzling. Perseverance pays off and after a a while a path (or more accurately paths) can be found throughout this maze of obscure references (both musically as intellectually). Powerful, challenging minimalism to geek out to.

Το παρελθόν περιέχει το μέλλο is released on Somewherecold Records (digital, limited edition CD). Buy it from their website.

  1. Heat Up the Death Ray
  2. Fifty Two Hertz Whale
  3. Hugs on the Wind
  4. Disintegration Machine
  5. Terrible Lizard
  6. Glossopteris
  7. Syzygy
  8. Enter the Zero World That You Desire
  9. Transient Atmospheric Phenomena
  10. Ghost Doctors
  11. Jumping Bomb Angels
  12. Forest Bath

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