December 19, 2018

Custard Flux: Helium (& Helium Bonus)

Gregory Curvey's (The Luck of Eden Hall) new outlet Custard Flux is an all acoustic psychedelic prog project. Kickstarted by playing a 100 year old Harmonium in a park in Detroit he started to write a string of loosely connected songs for his new album Helium. Listeners could be fooled into believing that was released in 1967 by a band heavily inspired by Arthur Lee's Love plus a shot of Buffalo Springfield and the first two Peter Gabriel solo albums. He cheated a bit by using a "Gibson Flying V running through an Echoplex and a Pig Nose solos", but otherwise it's a truly acoustic exercise, with help from a drummer and an ace double bassist.

The music on Helium flows and bubbles in a pastoral way. Even the Tiger he comes across can be handled using the teachings of the Hindu god Shiva ("Anger and sadness // Feed the tiger inside"). Out Of Phase describes a couple a couple slowly drifting apart, trying to stay in sync like an oscillator does. Gregory Curve chooses his words carefully, with unusual but spot on metaphors. It only adds to the dreamy music that he has comes up with. It's a Technicolor listening experience.

Helium is a self-released album. Buy it from his website.

  1. The Hit Parade
  2. Forevermore
  3. Empyrean House
  4. Tiger
  5. The Shire Of Gingin
  6. Sleepy
  7. La Mort
  8. Out Of Phase
  9. Golden Opportunity
  10. Tiger Reprise
  11. Helium

Deluxe version - Helium Bonus:
The deluxe version is housed in a handmade hinged wooden box, with art prints and a bonus CD with 5 extra tracks, including a fine cover of the Lou Reed classic Satellite Of Love and the luscious instrumental Innermission.

  1. Sweetened Hallowed
  2. The Feline Halucination
  3. Innermission
  4. Ascending Stories
  5. Satellite Of Love


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