December 21, 2018

Bonnie 'Prince' Billy & Naked Shortsellers: "The Best of Folks" b/w "Harbour Men" split 7" single

Every now and then a very special release sees the light day. Key ingredients for this one: a "major" cult artist and a bunch of musicians with some local notoriety, joining forces to create and share some new and exciting music. O, and limited supply is a must, making it instant collectors item. Bonnie 'Prince' Billy takes up one side of a brand new 7", with longtime fan, musician and webmaster of his fan site Leo Meijer playing bass of Dutch indie super group Naked Shortsellers (with members of The Fire Harvest en This Leo Sunrise) on the other side. the two have met regularly over the years and have become friends. The single release coincides with 20th anniversary of the fan site.

Bonnie 'Prince' Billy only needs his voice and guitar The Best of Folks, urging the listener to make amends and not carry unfounded grudges. Harbour Men by Naked Shortsellers has a dark country rock feel with singer Daniël Papen's bass/baritone range leading the way before handing the mike to Oldham for a chorus of his own. Jacco van Elst brings it home with some great lapsteel.

The Best of Folks b/w The Best of Folks is released on Tiny Room Records. Limited numbered 7" (333 copies) in a handmade folded cover - inlay with lyrics.

The Best of Folks:
Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy: singing and playing
Harbour Men:
Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy: singing his own words, choir
Daniël Papen: singing, words
Gerben Houwer: drums, choir
Hanneke Meijer: background singing
Jacco van Elst: guitars, lapsteel, choir
Leo Meijer: initiator, bass, choir
Martijn Loos: recording, mixing, synth, choir
Stefan Breuer: ears, choir

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» Naked Shortsellers on Facebook

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