November 02, 2018

Xander Naylor: Transmission

Brooklyn based experimental guitarist Xander Naylor pushes the boundaries of jazz and rock on his new album Transmission. While most virtuosos so are reluctant to share the spotlight Naylor gives his fellow musicians ample opportunity to step forward. It results in delicate interplay - check out One Field / Many Fields for a prime example of musical conversation. Holding back has given his compositions a wider perspective and explore neo-classical themes. Ghost Logic is a friendly clash between free jazz, rock and Indian vocalizing.

Transmission is part Jim Hall, part Stravinsky (case in point: What's The Tag Line, and part Frank Zappa in his orchestral mode. It's a treasure trove of musical ideas that will require many listens to discover all the gems.

Xander Naylor: guitar, compositions
Dan Weiss: drums
Samir Chatterjee: tabla
Mat Muntz: bass
Elijah Shiffer: alto sax
Astrid Kuljanic: voice
Sharik Hassan: piano
Anna Takeda: violin
Mako Ohmori: violin
Toby Winarto: viola
Sujari Britt: cello

Transmission is released thru Chhandayan. Buy it (digital, cassette, CD) from his website.

  1. Pirate Bay
  2. One Field / Many Fields
  3. Ghost Logic
  4. New Findings
  5. Benaulim Dawn
  6. Pass / Return
  7. What's The Tag Line
  8. Center of the Pack
  9. Crystallizer
  10. Match Point
  11. Transmission
  12. Time Apart

Live dates:
  • 11/02 Bossa Bistro. Washington D.C.
  • 11/03 Black Iris, Richmond, VA
  • 11/04 Neptune’s Parlour, Raleigh, NC
  • 11/07 Trans Pecos, Brooklyn, NY (w/Lip Talk, Alena Spanger, and Adam Schatz)


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