November 27, 2018

Primus: Custom Pinball Machine

Want to be a Primus pinball wizard? Got some spare change lying around and do you live in the continental USA? Than the Custom Pinball Machine (Limited Edition & Signed) can really tie the room together. Les Claypool is really proud:

Being a guy that has made many records over the past few decades, published a novel, directed videos and a feature film as well as having collaborated with the hero’s like Tom Waits, Geddy Lee, Stewart Copeland, Bernie Worrell, Trey Anastasio and others; it wasn’t till this moment, where I’ve been immortalized in a pinball machine, did I really feel like I’ve “made the big time”.
Live dates:
  • 01/19 Mexico City, Mexico @ Auditorio Blackberry
  • 01/22 Bogota, Colombia @ Royal Center
  • 01/24 Santiago, Chile @ Royal Center


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