November 12, 2018

Moonchy & Tobias: Moonchy & Tobias

Oer the last couple of years Todd Tobias released a bunch of atmospheric soundscapes, telling stories without words. His new album is a collaborative effort with Italian avant-garde singer Pat Moonchy, whose voice is not a vessel for lyrics per se, but more of a solo instrument. her almost childlike operatic delivery is a contrast for Tobias music that can be harsh at times, but also be gently flowing like a brook in Spring.

Moonchy & Tobias is an intense listening experience and untrained ears will have trouble withe the dissonance and dark mood that lays like a heavy blanket on top of the tracks. The music buzzes and crackles (not to mention that it can be a bit frightening as well). The duo might have invented a whole new genre with this album: operatic post-psychedelic avant-garde that needs be explored more often in the near future.

Moonchy & Tobias is released thru Hidden Shoal and Tiny Room Records.

  1. Chimera
  2. Juu Ichi
  3. Bon Bon
  4. La Bete et la Belle
  5. L'angoisse
  6. Vertigo Trail
  7. Lost Horizon
  8. Une Saison En Enfer
  9. Peace Pilgrim
  10. De´file´
  11. Mercury Elixir
  12. Gorgon
  13. Starry Night


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