November 05, 2018

Laurie Jane and The 45's: Late Last Night-Elixir of Sara Martin

When in need of old school top shelf blues with a jazz twist stook up on Laurie Jane and The 45's albums. Their latest is called Late Last Night-Elixir of Sara Martin, a platform for the Louisville KY band to tear through twelve classics penned by respected writers like Eddie Green, Sylvester Weaver, Clarence and Spencer Williams, and - you guessed it - Sare Martin.

Energy, don't-fuck-with-me, unfair odds, unfaithful men, booze, and having the upper hand all come along when singer Laurie Jane Duggins steps up to the mike, while her band plays up a storm. A few tracks sound like a battered 78. They were recorded direct to vinyl using 1930s Voice Graph booth at Guitar Emporium, a show of respect for the tradition in which their music is rooted.

Laurie Jane and The 45's:
Laurie Jane Duggins: vocals
Cort Duggins: guitars, piano
Scott Dugdale: drums
Jason Embry: bass
Brian “Boss” Hogg: saxophone
Special guests:
Screamin' John Hawkins: guitar
Eric Snyder: trumpet

Late Last Night-Elixir of Sara Martin is a self-released album. Buy it from the band's website.

  1. Late Last Night (Sara Martin)
  2. Achin' Hearted Blues ClarenceWilliams, Spencer Williams, Clarence Johnson)
  3. Blind Man Blues (Eddie Green And Billie Mclauren)
  4. Strange Lovin' Blues (Sara Martin)
  5. Sugar Blues (Clarence Williams)
  6. My Man Blues (Sara Martin)
  7. Joe Turner Blues (W.c. Handy)
  8. Can't Find Nobody To Do Like My Daddy Do (Sylvester Weaver)
  9. Pleading Blues (Sara Martin)
  10. Atlanta Blues (W.c. Handy And Dave Elman)
  11. I'm Gonna Be A Lovin' Old Soul (Sara Martin And Clifford Hayes)
  12. 'tain't Nobody's Bus'ness If I Di (Everett Robbins And Porter Granger)


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