November 19, 2018

Joëlle Goercharn: Silhouette

Dutch jazz singer and piano player Joëlle Goercharn shows off the things she has learned at the conservatorium in Amsterdam and New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music in New York on her debut EP Silhouette. Phrasing and vocal delivery are top notch for her take on smooth jazz with an Indian twist - she used the stories form Hindustani grandmother as a source of inspiration for her lyrics.

Backed by a handful of seasoned veterans (Joost Kroon, Asia Czaj & The Magic Strings, Harry Emmery, Allard Robert) and with Wiboud Burkens acting as producer Silhouette sounds smooth as silk and while there is not much wrong with that she should consider stepping out of her comfort zone and dig a little deeper. The use of instruments like tabla, pandura and bansuri add much needed colour. With her vocal range and lyrical abilities - Streetlight Silhouettes is a great about a snowy day in NYC - she can get her out of the safe jazz bracket. All the pieces are there. She only needs to find a way to create something with them that is her truly her own.

Silhouette is due for release on November 23.

  1. Forgive Me
  2. Stained Glass
  3. Stolen Moments
  4. Home, Ghar (Interlude)
  5. Streetlight Silhouettes
  6. Maple Tree

Live dates:
  • 11/25 Pure Markt, Park Frankendael, Amsterdam
  • 12/02 Kobalt LIVE, Amsterdam
  • 12/11 Foodhallen, Rotterdam
  • 12/15 Satchmo, Amsterdam
  • 01/08 Foodhallen, Rotterdam
  • 01/18 Embassy of the Free Mind Keizersgracht, Amsterdam


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