November 20, 2018

GURU: Consumer Helpline

Anyone who has called a menu driven assistance line to report an issue can relate to the new GURU single Consumer Helpline. This punk song is the perfect antidote for the muzak that is playing while you are trying to reach an actual person who can do a bit more than read from a script. The Brighton band loves reverb and getting angry. Recommended if you like Big Black.

Tommy Cherrill: vocals
Kieran Hunter: guitar
Ferg Belfrage: bass
Simon ‘Danny Boy’ Daniels: drums

Consumer Helpline is released thru Shady Shere Khan.

Live dates:
  • 11/22 The Richmond, Brighton
  • 11/23 The Rocksteady, London
  • 11/24 The Old England, Bristol
  • 11/25 Tom Thumb Theatre, Margate
  • 11/26 The Festing, Portsmouth

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