October 05, 2018

Port Almond: Port Almond

photo: Alessandro Belleli

Norwegian musician Rune Simonsen went in at the deep end for his new Port Almond project. He was invited to record the tracks for his album at the 100% analogue LowSwing Studio in Berlin. The sessions were wrapped up quickly - only three days were needed to finish the record that is now available as a vinyl only release. Simonsen incorporates bits of jazz, post-rock and ambient - dreamy with an edge. Simonsen doesn't shun noise, besides going for muffled trumpet and brushes. Take note of Oli Bott laying down lazy textures with his vibraphone, an instrument that isn't played that much nowadays, which is s shame really. It's the most melodic member of the percussion family.

The lyrics deal with water in its various guises ((a river, a waterfall, and the sea) and are used as the medium for travel. Simonsen has been around as a the frontman of Mount Washington and some of the dream pop sound of that band is still part of his new project. Backed by nine musicians he was able to branch out and experiment with various moods and setups, like making good use of the wide array of keyboards played by Erik Nilsson.

Producer/engineer and studio owner Guy Sternberg has made the most of the possibilities of his NEVE mixing console, getting a warm and open sound that will make audiophiles sit up and take notice. Port Almond is one of the best sounding albums released this year.

Rune Simonsen: vocals, acoustic guitars
Tom Arthurs: trumpet
Lars Bech-Pilgaard: electric guitars, Fender VI
Oli Bott: vibraphone
Tom Krimi: hammered dulcimer, harmonica
Erik Nilsson: piano, Wurlitzer, Rhodes, Hammond
Lars Puder: drums Håvard Stangnes: pedalsteel and noise guitar
Guy Sternberg: tape loops, modular synth
Dan Peter Sundland: bass guitar

Port Almond is released in 180g vinyl thru LowSwing Records.

Side A:
  1. Proxy Boy
  2. Destinations
  3. The River Ankh
  4. Sea Of Mine
Side B:
  1. Cliff Diver
  2. Post X
  3. Isle Finding
  4. Send Your Love

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