October 23, 2018

Don Fleming on the Lou Reed archive

Michael Shelley of Please Kill Me had a long chat with musician, producer and archivist Don Fleming about his work on the massive Lou Reed. Yes, tons of tapes of (unreleased) music (600 hours!) are part of it, but there's more. Much more. Lou kept everything:

What we found is such a great literal record of his activities as a performer and as a studio musician. You’ve got toll booth receipts from the middle of Ohio at 3 a.m. because they’re driving from one place to the next, so you’re able to document things in a way that you never would otherwise. There are envelopes stuffed with receipts. There are checks to the band members that are countersigned. To me that stuff is really fascinating.

Watch Lou Reed live @ Capitol Theatre in Passaic, NJ 9/25/1984 with special guests The Chantels and Jim Carroll.

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