October 17, 2018

Black Operator: Dancing Around

Dutch blues rock quintet Black Operator go for a lowdown and dirty sound on their new single Dancing Around, using so much fuzz and echo that the Jesus and Mary Chain might get jealous. Under all those layers of mayhem lurks a melody with ear worm quality and a toe-tapping bass line. Recommended if you like old school Seventies rock.

Black Operator:
Sander den Das: vocals
Tijn Groen: keyboards, percussion
Michiel Seignette: guitar
Puck Stet: bass
Bastiaan de Vries: drums

Live dates:
  • 11/10 Deventer @ Café de Heks
  • 11/15 Breda @ Café Lievense
  • 11/17 Den Haag @ O’Caseys

» blackoperator.nl

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