September 27, 2018

The Joy Formidable: AAARTH

Welsh gnarly art-pop trio >The Joy Formidable have carved their own nice since 2007. Their latest album is called AAARTH, a pun on the Welsh word for bear. It's an apt title for a bunch of songs that are both cuddly and unpredictable. The band likes to build towering tunes, only to soften them a bit with dabs of vocals and chopped riffs.

When they lean towards a bit of mainstream pop, they tend to turn things upside down to ensure that things don't get to comfortable. if they were a couch, the springs would be showing through upholstery.

The Joy Formidable:
Rhiannon "Ritzy" Bryan: guitar, vocals
Rhydian Dafydd Davies: bass
Matthew James Thomas: drums

AAARTH is released thru Seradom Records.

  1. Y Bluen Eira (The Snowflake)
  2. The Wrong Side
  3. Go Loving
  4. Cicada (Land on Your Back)
  5. All in All
  6. What For
  7. The Better Me
  8. Absence
  9. Dance of the Lotus
  10. You Can't Give Me
  11. Caught on a Breeze


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