September 01, 2018

Sascha Osborn: An Unseen Star

English folk singer Sascha Osborn goes jazzy on her new single An Unseen Star, backed be gentle pushing keyboards lifted from the early Seventies, tinkling guitar, and a lazy back beat. It's a change of pace for her, but it turns out that she can be a laidback torch singer as well.

An Unseen Star will be included on her debut full-length Looking Out and After, due for release on October 26th.

Live dates:
  • 09/02 Mascara Bar, Stoke Newington
  • 09/11 Virtually Acoustic - The Library Islington, London
  • 09/30 Vin's Veg Out - The Hospital Club, London
  • 10/29 St Pancras Old Church (album launch with full band), London


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