September 06, 2018

Jeremy Nail: Live Oak

Austin based singer-songwriter Jeremy Nail got handed a bad set 0f cards when sarcoma cost him left leg. He documented the ordeal on his 2016 album My Mountain. With his new one Live Oak he has turned the page, setting his sights on the future. Like the strong and steady growing tree after which the record is named, Nail is branching out again.

He retained the melancholic country rock vibe, but his lyrics have taken on a more deviant tone. The fear is still there, but hope had the upper hand on this collection of soft-spoken, powerful songs.

Jeremy Nail: acoustic guitar, electric guitar, vocals
Jeremy Menking: high strung guiter, electric guitar
Pat Harris: upright bass
Oat Manske: drums
Kacy Crowley: background vocals
Bukka Allen: keyboards

Live Oak is a self-released album. Buy it (vinyl, CD) from his website.

  1. Abiquiu
  2. Live Oak
  3. Fields of Our Fathers
  4. Other Side of Time
  5. Rolling Dice
  6. Freedom's Bell
  7. Sea of Lights
  8. Hope and Fear
  9. So Long, Yesterday
  10. Till Kingdom Come

Live dates:
  • 09/11 HAAM Benefit Elk's Lodge, Austin, Tx
  • 09/13 Saxon Pub, Austin, TX


HCTF review of My Mountain.

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