September 17, 2018

Dusty Stray: You Couldn't Wait To See Me Cry

Indie folk singer Jonathan Brown has shared a video for You Couldn't Wait To See Me Cry, a track from the forthcoming album Estranged by his Dusty Stray project. It's a country-tinged song, knee deep in keyboards, about a nasty breakup. The video was made by Arturo Bastón, a Mexican artist living in Barcelona.

Estranged will be released on October 12th thru Great Waters (vinyl, CD, digital). The album was produced by Kramer.

Live dates:
  • 09/21 Dr. Watson, Leeuwarden
  • 09/22 Arons Music (4:00 PM), Heerlen
  • 09/22 Café ‘t Brandje (9:00 PM), Heerlen
  • 09/29 By The Sea Festival, Scheveningen
  • 09/29 Kasteel Baexem, Baexem
  • 10/11 ZIMIHC, Utrecht
  • 10/13 Mi Casa Su Casa, Baarn
  • 10/14 Concerto (2:00 PM), Amsterdam
  • 10/16 De Roode Bioscoop (8:00 PM), Amsterdam
  • 10/18 Podium Vanderveen Muziekafdeling (4:45 PM), Assen
  • 10/18 Podium De Witte Bal (8:45 PM), Assen
  • 10/27 Podium 't Gruizenkerkje & CamielMusic, Sittard


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