August 27, 2018

Paul Filipowicz: Unfiltered

Blues veteran Paul Filipowicz dresses and plays like the great musicians that made Chicago the capital of electtic blues. On Unflitered, his tenth album he mixes a bunch of true-and-tried songs from his heroes, Magic Sam and Howlin's Wolg, as well a couple of swinging brass heave originals. The title track is steaming hot instrumental and a showcase for his self-taught, rough-around-the-edges guitar playing. With a band that knows how to fun within the confines of the 12 bar idiom Filipowicz breathes new life into Howling For My Darling and Everything Gonna Be All Right.

When it's nice to pay tribute to songbook of perennial blues classics, artists who writd their own stuff can add something new and refreshing. On Unfiltered there are plenty of originals besides the aforementioned title track: the sexy My Woman, the funky Brand New Hat and the slow blues Canal Street with the intense harp playing courtesy of Benny Rickun. While he won't go down as an inventor, Paul Filipowicz deserves tons of credit for keeping it real, honest, and fun. He has made yet another rollicking good time blues album.

Paul Filipowicz: guitars, vocals
Benny Rickun: harp
Chris Sandoval: drums
Rick Smith: bass
Tony Menzer: bass on "My Woman"
Jimmy Voegeli: Yamaha C7 grand p1ano on "Howln' for My Darling"
Tom Sobel: saxophones
Jack Naus: trumpets

Unfiltered is a self-released album. Buy it (pay-what-you-want) from his website.

  1. All My Whole Life Baby
  2. Brand New Hat
  3. Unfiltered
  4. Canal Street
  5. Howling For My Darling
  6. Everything Gonna Be All Right
  7. I Found a New Love
  8. My Woman
  9. Tin Pan Alley
  10. Reconsider Baby
  11. Riding High


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