July 04, 2018

The Proven Ones: Wild Again

The Proven Ones is an apt name for a soulful blues band whose members have been playing as sidemen for years, earning the respect from fellow musicians and wowing more crowds than they care to remember. Based in Portland, OR. the quintet set up shop at Roseland Recording to record the tracks for their first album Wild Again. They had no trouble picking six true-and-tried classics besides their four originals to create an the album that flows like a live show, aided by a trumpet player and three saxophonists to get that late night vibe.

They hit the ground running praising the lure of booze and loud music with Cheap Thrills. The band reaches a peak when the gloves comes off for their rendition of Loan Me a Dime, 11 minutes of pure blues goodness that turns into a lengthy improvisation that never runs out of steam. The title track Wild Again is no slouch either, a tug of war between vocals and fuzzy guitar, with the brass, reeds and piano jumping into the fray as well.

The Proven Ones:
Brian Templeton: vocals
Kid Ramos: guitar
Anthony Geraci: keyboards
Willie J. Campbell: bass
Jimi Bott: drums

Wild Again is a self-released album. Buy it from the band's website.

  1. Cheap Thrills
  2. City Dump
  3. Don't Leave Me This Way
  4. If You Be My Baby
  5. Why Baby Why
  6. Road of Love
  7. Right Track Now
  8. Wild Again
  9. Loan Me a Dime
  10. Don't Let Me Down (Proven Fugue in E Major)

Live date:

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