June 24, 2018

The Heavy Hustle: Peripheral + Start All Over

The Heavy Hustle are trying to make the World a better place by playing her heartfelt rock music. The Portland, OR quartet are an optimistic bunch, but they are not naive. Getting back on your feet always comes at a prize.

Two songs from their forthcoming debut EP are currently available for streaming and purchase. Peripheral is a slice of loud power pop with a radio friendly melody and guitar pyrotechnics to appease the rock crowd. Start All Over is more complex and comes close to progressive rock, going though hills and valleys, just like the nameless lover who is main subject in the lyrics. Recommended if you like Godsticks.

The Heavy Hustle:
Charles Victus: vocals
Jeff Pomerantz: guitar
Todd Gee: bass
Justin Laughlin: drums

Peripheral and Start All Over are self-released singles. Buy it from her website.

Live dates:
  • 07/20 Grass Valley, OR @ SHIFT Festival 2018
  • 08/03 Portland, OR @ Dante's

» theheavyhustle.com

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