May 07, 2018

You Should Get To Know Us: Useful Casanovas

When Dutch psych-garage rockers You Should Get To Know Us performed their first ever gig in York, England, teh locals had some trouble with their band name and thought that is was Useful Casanovas. They named their new EP after this misunderstanding, six rollicking lo-fi songs that are throwbacks to the beat boom of the Mid Sixties. Never mind the very noticeable accent, occasional bum notes or the (intentional?) false start in the final track Born Leaders Reach For Infinity,

This EP is an unabashed bit of fun by a band who are fully aware of their limits and make the most of it: crunchy powerpop that goes for the gut. Sam Forrest (Sewage Farm) did the mix and made sure that the live vibe was kept intact. You Should Get To Know Us is a bar band going against the grain - no crowd pleasing covers, but self-penned, instantly recognizable material. Recommended if you like High On Stress and The Kinks.

Useful Casanovas is released thru Het Liedjescollectief (Netherlands) and Desert Mine Music (UK). Release date: May 11th.

  1. Mad/Sad
  2. She’ll Be Leaving
  3. In The Universe
  4. Everything Is Nothing
  5. Still Waiting
  6. Born Leaders Reach For Infinity
Live date:
  • 05/11 Nijmegen, Netherlands @ Liedjesfestival Brebl
    (w/ Gil Hockman, Fokko, Niekse, Sewage Farm, Zonder Grond, Don’t Forget The Joker, Galleons)


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