May 21, 2018

Vickers Vimy: Atlas Of Hearts

Irish folk band Vickers Vimy looked West for a shot of Tex Mex Americana for their new album Atlas Of Hearts, with prominent roles for mandolin, brass and strings. With lead singer Ed Drea as a captivating story teller they serve up tales about big cities, the Irish country side, and dilapidated luna parks. It's a gently swaying record, carefully arranged with just enough rough-around-the edges ardour to keep the momentum going.

The quartet and their guest players have managed to bottle passion in large quantities. Ask them for a refill and a buzz of musical enjoyment will kick in shortly. Be prepared to sing softly along with instantly timeless songs.

Vickers Vimy:
Ed Drea: vocals & guitar
Fintan Hanley: guitars, mandolin & vocals
Eamonn Mulderrig: drums, percussion, piano, accordion, Midi & vocals
Ciaran Byrne: bass & guitars
Additional Musicians:
Michael Chang: violin & viola
Matthew Berril: saxophone & clarinet
Peter Berril: trumpet
Spike Keryell Emmerson: trombone
John Dwyer: upright bass
Colm O'Conghaile: banjo & spoken word on Red Moon Rising
Cat Lundy: vocals on Quiet Bow and Keep Your Eye On The Road

Atlas Of Hearts is a self-released album (digital, CD). Buy it from their website.

  1. Bonfire Of Dantes
  2. Chicago
  3. Budapest
  4. When The Helicopter Came
  5. Mermaid Of Luna Park
  6. Peg & Hammer
  7. Quiet Bow
  8. Atlas Of Hearts
  9. Red Moon Rising
  10. Keep Your Eye On The Road

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