May 13, 2018

Sara Ryan: Glitter Skies

photo: Martin Blake

Irish singer-songwriter Sara Ryan switches between folk, jazz and soul on her new EP Glitter Skies. All four opinionated songs sound deceptively laidback, but can make it a sharp turn without forewarning. It makes for captivating listening. thanks to the adventurous, sometimes even gnarly music.

If Kate Bush would decide to reinvent herself as the toughed up torch singer, fronting a kick ass band playing at your favourite pub, she might have sounded like this. Ryan's sharp-witted lyrics might be a bit too much for "a generation consumed with screens and shiny things, offended by everything”, when she takes aim and scores in Lost. She is a singer oozing confidence, despite the doubts that might haunt her every now then When push comes to the shove, she is always left with an Euphoric Recall.

Sara Ryan: vocals. acoustic guitar
Kealan Kenny: guitars
Martin Atkinson: keyboards
Alison Ronayne; backing vocals
Christian Best: drums, percussion
Fionn O’Neill & Brian Dunlea: bass

Glitter Skies is a self-released EP. Full streams on Soundcloud and Spotify.

  1. Euphoric Recall
  2. Glittering Skies
  3. Dream On
  4. Lost

Live dates:
  • 05/27 Cork, Ireland @ Coughlan's Live
  • 06/02 An Gort, Ireland @ Kate's Cafe Gort
  • 06/08 Newbridge, Ireland @ BRÚ House
  • 06/09 Dingle, Ireland @ Nelliefreds
  • 06/29 Ballydehob, Irelan @ Levis' Bar

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