April 03, 2018

Typical Girls Volume Three & Four

Leave it to the folks at Emotional Response Records to round up the cream of the crop when it comes to contemporary female fronted DIY lo-fi punk, sleazy bubblegum pop, hardcore, post-punk, and garage rock. They have added two new volumes to their Typical Girls series.

While various artists compilations tend to include a few clunkers there now weak spots on Volume Three and Volume Four. All band continue the good work of pioneering acts like The Slits and X-Ray Spex. The bands are loud on both albums. They take over the dream drums and leave them ringing.

Volume Three features Natterers, Rata Negra, Judy and the Jerks, Fatty Cakes and the Puff Pastries, Macho Boys, Fitness Womxn, Crooked Bangs, Scaredy Snake, C.H.E.W., Sick Bags, Alice Bag, Karen Meat, Daudyflin, Unskilled Lab, Swann Danger, Warm Bodies.

Volume Four features No Love, French Vanilla, Janitor Scum and the Scums, Couteau Latex, Mommy Long Legs, Chroma, Shande, Es, Ew, The Primitives, Replica, Primary, C-3’s, Decraneo, Neon, Cruel Summer.

Both albums are released as digital downloads and on vinyl. For purchase thru Emotional Response Records (USA) and thru Rougtrade in the UK and Europe (Volume 3 and Volume 4).

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