April 01, 2018

Nihilist Cheerleader: Riot, Right?

Athens dance punk outfit Nihilist Cheerleader are loud, angry and a lot of fun. Their new album Riot, Right? rumbles through ten high energy tracks with all the swagger of a quartet tearing the rook down of a packed club. Try to keep when they serve a Three Drug Cocktail or the almost as dangerous Shark Fin Soup.

Their influences are grounded in the Riot grrrl movement, with sidesteps to the Ramones and the Throwing Muses. They are in control of their speed and don't take shit from nobody. Riot, Right? is the perfect antidote for the omnipresent autotuned crap that is piped through the sound system of every goddamn shop these days.

Nihilist Cheerleader:
Flynne Collins: guitar, vocals
Charley Gumby: drums
Leora Hinkle: bass
Dylan Loftin: guitar

Riot, Right? is released thru Perfect Attendance Records.

  1. I'm Fine
  2. Drenched In
  3. Who's Gonna Hear You
  4. Three Drug Cocktail
  5. You're Ur Uniform
  6. Shark Fin Soup
  7. Miss You Forever
  8. Bleach Boy
  9. Your Love Proximity
  10. & She Takes It

Live date:

» nihilistcheerleader.com

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