March 07, 2018

The BlueStocking: Gloomy Girl + Groundhog Day + Letter

Russian post-punk cabaret quartet The BlueStocking released three singles - Gloomy Girl, Groundhog Day and Letter on the same day. Like their American counterparts The Dresden Dolls the Moscow based band took the key elements of the sound of the Weimar republic and plugged in to make it louder by using electric instruments: risky lyrics, catchy driving lead keyboards, swinging backbeat, in the pocket guitar, and the afterhours intimacy of a late night club accessed through an unmarked door.

They urge the crowd to cheer up with their bravado in Gloomy Girl, even when the apocalypse could happen at any moment: "so fuck this and fuck that // all the things that makes you sad". The same party mood prevails in Groundhog Day - everybody dies in the end so take some risks and have fun. And the Letter? The man who was supposed to get it has been dead for quite awhile - "asked a man where you are // he told me that you are at a graveyard // i'm glad that you've got a job, whatever", which might explain why an answer isn't be forthcoming.

The BlueStocking play timeless music, providing vaudeville entertainment with a twist. Their debut album should see the light of day later this year.

The BlueStocking:
Kira Mikheeva: keyboards, vocals
Kat Soloviev: bass, backing vocals
Hellen Dergaus: drums
Alexander Tihomirov: guitar

All three singles are self-released and available from Bandcamp.

Live dates:

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