March 02, 2018

Sam Vance-Law: Homotopia

photo: J.Konrad Schmidt

Orchestral pop singer Sam Vance-Law has had it with the two main themes of gay music: victimhood and pride. For this new album Homotopia he picked everyday events, added a layer of tongue-in-cheek humour and ended up with an upbeat album that is mostly about music, having fun and not the struggle.

He takes the piss in an eloquent way. What's not to like about "Yes, I would sleep with myself if I were a little less shy" in Narcissus 2.0? And doesn't it make sense that everybody, boy or girl, wants a piece of Prettyboy? Vance-Law is an entertainer fist, a pop singer second, and an activist third. He doesn't his eyes for the increase of homophobia, but he will be damned if that will stop him.

Homotopia s released thru Caroline International.

  1. Wanted To
  2. Let's Get Married
  3. Prettyboy
  4. Narcissus 2.0
  5. Stat. Rap.
  6. Isle Of Man
  7. Gayby
  8. Faggot
  9. I Think We Should Take It Fast
  10. Bye Bye Baby

Live dates
  • 03/03 Berlin, Germany @ Prachtwerk (album release show)
  • 03/15 Berlin, Germany @ Das Gift (DJ Set)
  • 04/27 Erlangen, Germany @ Unter einem Dach Festival
  • 06/17 Mannheim, Germany @ Maifeld Derby Festival
  • 10/22 Leipzig, Germany @ NAUMANNs
  • 10/23 Munich, Germany @ Milla - Live Club
  • 10/26 Berlin, Germany @ Lido
  • 10/27 Hamburg, Germany @ Nochtspeicher


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