March 05, 2018

Hugh Christopher Brown: Pacem

Canadian multi-instrumentalist and singer Hugh Christopher Brown is a familiar name among Americana fans. Operating from a recording studio (a former old post office) on Wolfe Island, Ontario. His own career as as recording artist has taken a back seat over the years, the prize he has to pay for being an in-demand producer and sideman for Kate Fenner, David Corley, Sarah Mcdermott, Suzanne Jarvie and Sherry Zbrovsky, but every now and then he finds to time to release an album bearing his own name. His latest is called Pacem, a modern day collection of country songs leaning heavily on acoustic guitar, piano, lap steel and fiddle.

It's not a solo album by a long shot. He assembled a sizeable part of the artists he has worked with over the years. They were glad to help him out bringing his songs to life. It's easy to picture them sitting in a circle and follow his directions. Pacem is about hope, grief and love, but first and foremost it is about friendship and the obvious joy of playing together.

Pacem is released thru Wolfe Island Records.

  1. Prayer of St. Ignatius
  2. Love, The World
  3. Keeper Of The Flame
  4. Here Comes My Love
  5. To The Lighthouse
  6. Moved By Hands To Shelter
  7. The Great Unknowing
  8. Margaret
  9. The Yield
  10. The Wave
  11. Broken

Live date:
  • 07/15-17 Wolfe Island, Ontario @ Wolfe Island Garden Party


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