February 05, 2018

Vazum: Vazum

Dark post-punk project Vazum is the brainchild of Detroit based musician Zach Pliska. Besides being the drummer for local acts like George Morris, FUR and VSTRS, he needed an outlet for his own vision. His self-titled EP combines elements of prog metal, grunge and post-rock. His voice sounds like an angry version of Michael Stipe, which might help getting him airplay on rock-oriented college radio shows.

Pliska created relentless, dystopian in your-face rock, although the closing track What a Lovely Time offers a glimmer of hope. When in need for an alternative rook grunge version of the Sisters of Mercy having a fight with Mudhoney and Jane's Addiction, pop this EP in the player. This monolithic mayhem with a great back beat might just be what the doctor ordered.

Vazum is a self-released EP. Release date: February 10.

  1. Fall Guy
  2. Big Gulp Lie
  3. Servant
  4. Fear
  5. Mistress
  6. Agafia
  7. What a Lovely Time

Live dates:
  • 02/10 Grand Rapids, MI @ Rocky's
  • 02/17 Windsor, ON @ Phog Lounge
  • 02/23 Grand Rapids, MI @ Mulligans

» vazumrocks.com

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