February 06, 2018

Adam Barnes: Vacancy at NASA

At first it seems that English singer-songwriter is just another dude bearing his soul. But dig a little deeper and it becomes clear that Vacancy at NASA is not all about his himself. The main theme of all his songs is escape and getting of the planet itself if possible. He can't do it alone and it would be nice if could hook with a Lovely Navigator. With that in mind it makes sense that wrote a song about Donald Crowhurst, a business man turned sailor who went missing during round-the-world yacht race. He made the mistake to go solo...

Barnes is a dreamer trying to defeat the odds. His lyrics are deceptively concise, but tackle big and universal themes. He is a loner who does not want to be alone anymore and uses his music to connect.

Vacancy at NASA is released thru Wild Native Records. release date: February 7.

  1. Bad Luck
  2. Ordinary
  3. Everything
  4. Smoke Signal
  5. Electron
  6. Lovely Navigator
  7. Better Off Without
  8. Hopeful
  9. Broken
  10. Reykjavik
  11. Jet Lag

Live dates:
  • 02/21 London, United Kingdom @ St. Pancras Old Church
  • 02/25 Amsterdam, The Netherlands @ Paradiso
  • 02/27 Berlin, Germany @ Baumhaus Bar

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