January 22, 2018

Surabhi Ensemble: Surabhi

Chicago ensemble Surabhi present a true global take on their self-titled album, with elements of Indian, Middle Eastern, African, and Spanish classical and flamenco music. By mixing rhythms and tunings their music breaks down walls between various traditions and creates an intriguing tapestry of moods. This record can act as a stepping stone into the world beyond the dominant Western outlook on music.

Novices should start with Raga Blues and Hanoi Pho, compositions using rhythms that sound more or less familiar. Consider Kalbelia/Tera Tali as the next stop and by then the rest of the of the album is open for further and closer inspection. So this is world music? No, that's a stupid name. It's music for anybody who cares to listen, provided they have an open mind and are willing to really listen. That's what good music deserves and that is what Surabhi plays.

Saraswathi Ranganathan: veena
Ronnie Malley: Arabic oud, vocals
Carlo Basile: Spanish guitar
Bob Garrett: percussion
Ganapathi RanganathanL: South Indian Mridangam
Dhananjay Kunte: North Indian Tabla
Mamadou Tama: percussion

Surabhi is a self-released album. Buy it from CD Baby. Ful stream on Soundcloud.

  1. Swan Song
  2. Raga Blues
  3. Hanoi Pho
  4. Zahma
  5. Kalbelia / Tera Tali
  6. Shiva
  7. In Search of Serenity

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