January 31, 2018

Popincourt: The Brilliant Missing Link

French musician Popincourt released his rather good jazzy mod Britpop album A New Dimension To Modern Love in 2016. The Brilliant Missing Link, a song from the recording sessions that oddly enough didn't make the cut back then, will be released as the A-side of a 7" single via Jigsaw Records on March 2. it is an user friendly song, a sunny and upbeat throwback to late Sixties/Early Seventies power pop with an organ creeping in that is part Alan Price and Dave Greenfield.

The instrumental ImprovISAtion (Part 1, 2 & more) is pushed forward by a looped bass motif, with jazzy synths on top resulting in a gentle chill out track, stitched together and slightly expanded version of the two separate parts on the album.

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